The COLOR XTRA® Touch-Up Pen


Discover the features of the ColorXtra® Touch-Up Pen

The needle valve tip allows for unparallelled precision, whether the paint is being applied vertically or horizontally.

Lightweight, easy-to-use ergonimic pen that adjusts to all types of touch-ups.

2-in-1 formula that includes a base coat and clear coat.
With ColorXtra®, you can do all your touch-ups in a single step.

Discover the advantages of the ColorXtra® Touch-Up Pen

Our 2-in-1 paint formula includes the base color (base coat) and a clear coat (varnish) that adds shine and protects the vehicle against rust and UV rays.

Using nanotechnology, upon application the clear coat rises to the surface to form a shiny, impermeable, resistant layer.

Color matching is achieved according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.
Reproduces all finishes:
solid, metallic, pearl and tri-coat.

A full range of OEM colors

for automotive finishes exclusively

Find your color and order your pen in just clicks

Use our online catalog and the COLOR XTRA® search tool to help you find the exact color for your vehicle and quickly place your order!

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COLOR XTRA® offers you much more...

It is also a recognized and well respected brand throughout the world of body shop professionals.

COLOR XTRA® offers a wide range of products such as...

aerosol paints, stripper, primer, sealant, body filler, coveralls, masking tape and other items for body work specialists.

Ask your Uni-Select distributor about our brand.

Every COLOR XTRA® product is designed first and foremost to ease the work of body shop specialists while being offered at a competitive pricing.

We are constantly adding to our product line in order to meet our customers' specific needs.